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Last updated: Mar 14, 2024

Zamp for BigCommerce: App Installation Guide

Zamp for BigCommerce: App User Guide

Sales tax walks hand-in-hand when it comes to major ecommerce platforms, and BigCommerce is no exception. BigCommerce boasts features that online retailers love. These include unlimited products and storage, streamlined conversion through single-page checkout, and scaling your brand through their app marketplace add-ons.

Options to calculate with BigCommerce

When it comes to calculating with BigCommerce, their software offers some flexibility. There are a few options available to you, and it's up to you on how you'd like to manage sales tax calculation and collection for your store.

  1. BigCommerce Basic Tax

BigCommerce offers a basic tax feature that allows you to specify tax classes, tax zones, and tax rates. It's great to get started with if you understand your sales tax liability, but requires precious time in setting up and maintaining.

  1. BigCommerce's App Marketplace

With an expanding ecommerce business comes new requirements. BigCommerce's Apps & Integrations marketplace provides you with the resources you need, and when you need them. Several sales tax and compliance solutions exist on the App Marketplace.Just like any other app on the marketplace, we advise choosing a provider and their app based on their reputation and customer reviews.

  1. The Zamp Tax app for BigCommerce

Zamp brings you a feature-packed BigCommerce integration. The Zamp Tax app for BigCommerce provides both calculations and transaction reporting. This lets us seamlessly provide BigCommerce sellers with our fully managed sales tax service. Without any transaction exports, users to add to your sensitive systems, or files to touch each month.

Filing sales tax for BigCommerce

Just like Zamp's Stripe integration, the tax app we've built guarantees we have all completed transactions up to the minute. Depending on your filing frequencies for each state, we'll be able to build a complete and detailed summary of what sales tax is due up to the minute without omissions.

Our industry-expert filing team aims for accuracy, so we'll always provide you with a summary of what filings are due along with how much. This offers an opportunity for you to review and reconcile across all your systems (in addition to BigCommerce).

If you're interested in learning more or would like to see the integration live, we'd love to chat! You can get in touch with us here.

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